Bianca Weeko Martin


Ongoing thesis work on architectural representation, architectural history, and an ancestral house in the Philippines. link here
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The White House is a counter-narrative to a history told through monuments; an embodied history of the personal, domestic scale which contains most people's day-to-day lives, and their day-to-daydreams. It is a story and a drawing series that seek alternative narratives of history than those traditionally provided by the colonizing 'victors', who claim entitlement to official memory and national identity.

The White House is centered on my family's own ancestral house (bahay na bato) in Baliuag, Philippines, a typology that in its local context is charged with nostalgia, collective memory and conflict. This story is part of an exploration of contemporary kinds of architectural emplacement, that examine both the harmonies and misalignments that are produced by layering embodied personal history with public architectural history.

Keywords: Architectural history, Palimpsest, Postcolonial theory, Inhabited space, Material culture, Memory, Southeast Asian Studies, Philippine diaspora

Supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada