Bianca Weeko Martin


Fun stuff

A Tinder veteran but a Bumble virgin, I was re-entering a familiar world under the mantle of public infrastructure. I was surprised by the cuties, unsurprised by the creeps and unimpressed by the cycling haters. Bumble being a serious, purpose-driven platform, I was only mildly disappointed when I logged in later that week only to find I had been reported and removed for "being a fake"! For who can really claim the utility and elegant mystery of the bike rack on Portland Street, bent at an angle for unnatural or natural reasons. (I think I'm taking a break from dating, she writes in her diary.)

(This exploration, and the resulting illustrations, were commissioned by The Bentway and From Later as part of an initiative around Directions To Nowhere In Particular, a very cool web app for sensing, making and navigating public space.)