Bianca Weeko Martin

Bianca by Davide Sacchetta
Photo: Davide Sacchetta

Bianca Weeko Martin (b. Indonesia 1996)

I want to use beautiful images and words to recenter the marginal, and make the arcane inclusive. I am passionate about visual culture and city building, and I shape myself into many different roles and disciplines to meet their evolving needs.

My research has recently focused on the art and architecture of the Philippines through a diasporic lens. My broader interests lie in contemporary and historic forms of transcultural exchange. I am also variably interested in family, language, public art, domestic space, urban life, suburban stories. I maintain an independent illustration practice in parallel with my research, which thrives on diverse collaborations in academia, foresight strategy, food and hospitality, and more.

I am committed to bridging gaps - between grassroots art communities and institutions, and between Southeast Asia and the diaspora. Recently I completed a graduate thesis on my dad's ancestral house, assisted on the curatorial team of an exhibition critically examining the former Spanish Empire at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and worked with the Living Architecture Systems Group to build immersive meshwork sculptures and connect international researchers. Currently I am preparing to facilitate workshops on feminist city building with the Goethe-Institut, and travel to Manila to complete an architectural city guide.

My previous internship experiences in the architectural field have taken me to New York City, Melbourne, Mexico City, Prague and Bali.

Get in touch with me at bweeko[at]gmail[dot]com