Bianca Weeko Martin

Bianca by Davide Sacchetta
Photo: Davide Sacchetta

Bianca-Weeko Martin (b. Indonesia 1996)

I want to use beautiful images and words to recenter the marginal, and make the arcane inclusive.

I work with analog and digital media with equal enthusiasm, hoping to reveal both the possibilities and limits of technology in art and participatory space.

Currently I am working on a graduate thesis on architectural representation and history using as a case study my ancestral house, co-authoring a book on Manila's modern architecture, and working with the Living Architecture Systems Group to build intricate meshwork sculptures and connect international researchers. I've also been doing various independent illustration commissions lately, which has opened my work up to some deeply fulfilling and diverse collaborations.

Key interests: family, culture, memory, language, postcolonialism, publishing, domestic space and urban life.