Bianca Weeko Martin


Drawing Series

I found myself grounded in my hometown of Toronto when the pandemic hit. To no one's surprise, the past four years I'd spent running around the world for internships had robbed me of the opportunity to do a comprehensive Toronto drawing series, the drawing series that I didn't realize *the people* needed! (Like my friend Coach Nash told me, you have to leave where you are to know where you are.) This series started with a notebook sketch of the bike trail which effectively scooped me out of my Spring 2020 Depression, solidified when my friend Michelle began stocking my postcards at her storefront, Shop Oko, and now continues to grow with various commissions that lead me to new streets and neighbourhoods that bring people joy. I love hearing the stories of how people come to love these places, and expressing them through line and colour. I also think I love Toronto now. Finally.