Bianca Weeko Martin


Ongoing thesis work on architectural representation and an ancestral house in the Philippines. link here
Story summary Nov 2020 here

Traditional architectural history books exclude vernacular architecture in favour of monumental architecture, though the private realm of the vernacular contains most people's day-to-day lives, and their day-to-daydreams. I analyze the typology of the Filipino ancestral house (bahay na bato), a mix between a vernacular nipa hut and a Spanish colonial house, as a case study that makes clear the gap between representation and subject: traditional architectural representation and the complex, layered histories of postcolonial nations like the Philippines. I will produce a series of synthetic, analytical drawings that tells the story of my own family's ancestral house, The White House, tracks the changes that take place within an inhabited space, and illustrates the relationship between space and memory. The aim of this work is to provide a new way of thinking about architectural history and memorialization, and to propose a framework for a new "web palimpsest" for aggregating and publishing new and old layers of information about the cosmic, childhood home - the first space of human creation and participation

Keywords: Architectural history, Postcolonialism, Inhabited space, Material culture, Memory, Phenomenology, Southeast Asian Studies, Philippines, Diaspora

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