Bianca Weeko Martin


Ongoing thesis work on architectural representation and an ancestral house in the Philippines. link here
Story summary Nov 2020 here

The White House is a counter-narrative about an ancestral house in Baliuag, Philippines that challenges traditional methods of architectural history-recording and dissemination in their capacity to capture complex colonial histories, postcolonial tensions, and the latent qualities of a domestic space. The White House is a nonfiction story that presents the ancestral house as a record of historical traces both at the micro- and macro-scales, weaving together personal memory, family heritage, and larger picture records of American, Spanish, and Japanese occupation, warfare, and natural disaster. The story of The White House is pieced together from primary sources and first-hand experiences, drawing from remote or in-person interviews as well as documents, photographs, and site analyses. The creation methodology includes drawings as well as analytical drawing. While the story is focused strategically on a single house as a memory palace, and the accounts of the people most embedded within it, the story goes beyond the site and one family to tell a counter-narrative of many people's lives.

Keywords: Architectural history, Postcolonialism, Inhabited space, Material culture, Memory, Phenomenology, Southeast Asian Studies, Philippines, Diaspora

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