Bianca Weeko Martin
O.S.P. - July 2016 - 2B Studio

The O.S.P., or Oriented Strand Playscape, was a design-build installation occupying an 8ft x 8ft x 8ft cube of space. Although it was designed as a pavilion that could support weight and movement through and around, the larger factor in its conception was the question of the afterlife of its materials. With this in mind, the "cube" of space was divided into a grid of smaller 2ft x 2ft x 2ft cubes, and then each smaller cube of space was assigned one of four three-dimensional profiles: a regular box, a step, a space frame, and a slope. After disassembly, these modular units can be used like pieces of furniture or planters, stacked together or standing alone. Stacked together, the units form a sort of sculptural garden that facilitates climbing, sitting, and play.

(Installation completed in collaboration with Kelsey Dawson, Shevaun Mistry, Eric Oh, Amanda Reyes-Martin, and Jeff So.)