Bianca Weeko Martin
Galt Centre for Immigrants - 2015 - 2A Studio

My proposed building is a home for immigrants and new citizens. It has two purposes: the first is to create a welcoming and accepting community for immigrants of all nationalities and, by doing so, fulfill the second purpose, which is to become a source of cultural education for the white-majority city of Cambridge. The goal of this project is to create an institution that actively seeks to support new citizens and forge lasting relationships between residents.

Families from foreign countries flock to city centres like Toronto and Vancouver because of connections they have to family and to friends of family and to friends of friends of family, all of whom have already established themselves in these metropolises and are able to provide a support system during a time of intense transitional stress. However, these support systems come at a cost. Housing prices in such city centres only continue to skyrocket, but new citizens seem to seek comfort and familiarity before they seek economical housing. My building proposal sits at this disparity between dwelling cost and rate of immigration in places such as Toronto and Cambridge.