Bianca Weeko Martin
Renard Eco-Village - 2017 - 3B Studio - In Collaboration with Genna Kalvaitis

"Although the Arctic and the sub-Arctic winter have many disadvantages, the crisp clean air of spring, the brilliant sun on the snow, the northern lights, are all appreciated as much by northerners as by southerners... Instead of the science fiction city under a dome, other, more subtle, building forms should be devised with sheltered outdoor walkways open to the sky, the sun and the falling snow, interlocked within a system of enclosed, heated and daylit streets for bad weather... A belt of trees and bushes can be planted to provide windbreaks and snow traps... The extreme conditions create personal and social tension. The cluster of dwellings together with the provision of a high standard of social and cultural equipment is essential. Varied human talents should be attracted to the north to avoid the one-sided emphasis on the practical profession which is normal there."

Our town plan looks to usher in a future where the zeitgeist of our country has shifted from resource extraction to the advancement of research and monitoring, in the land that once we were exploiting. The remote location of our Northern Quebec community makes it an ideal candidate for a satellite campus, research laboratory, data center, monitoring facility, all accessible by plane or the newly constructed Route 167. The defining feature of our proposed town is a spine, or path, that cascades down the topography, manifests as bracket structures which house the main program, and provide opportunities for interactions between users of community buildings and users of research buildings. At these critical points, the path appears as an important amenity or public hub interfacing between user types, and at others it becomes a simple outdoor boardwalk straddling equipment, or utilising coverings and mesh structures to beautifully capture the snow and ice, framing these winter surroundings.